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“Four weeks after I had my SuperPATH hip replacement surgery I had my golf clubs on the driving range and within six weeks I was playing 18 holes. Dr. Ameglio is a well-trained surgeon and thoughtful doctor who listens.”

–Dr. James Worden, Naples, FL

Patient Testimonials

“My back problems started in 1992. After 4 surgeries including fusions from L-3 to S-1, steroid injections, ablations & both hips replaced, I was still in pain and searching for answers. I was referred to Dr. Ameglio and his testing proved I had SI joint dysfunction. He gave me several options and I decided to fix it permanently with iFuse surgery. The post-surgical discomfort for 1-2 weeks was nothing. My pain is gone and my posture is improving. Dr. Ameglio is ‘MY HERO’.”

–Darlene K., St. James City, FL

“If you are facing hip replacement surgery and do not have at least a consultation with Dr. Ameglio, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. My recovery with SuperPATH hip replacement has been remarkable. I stopped taking pain meds the day after my surgery and at my 2-week check up I was walking near normal. Dr. Ameglio is not only an exceptionally good surgeon, but is a great person who obviously cares about his patients.”

–Robert Witcher, Naples, FL

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the results from my iFuse surgery. Before my surgery I was miserable with constant back pain that followed my every move. Now I’m back to doing the activities I love without any pain.”

–Kelly Drovie, Fort Myers, FL

“I was home the day after surgery and driving within 15 days. The discomfort was minimal following surgery and was controlled with tylenol and aspirin. Dr. Ameglio is a very compassionate physician and makes you feel like a close friend.”

–Dean Heflin, Fort Myers, FL

“Just 7 weeks after SuperPATH (outpatient) I was back in the pilot’s seat for my first extended trip and had biked cumulatively over 300 miles. Dr. Ameglio has a great bedside manner and is a caring physician.”

–Scott Hedge, Cape Coral, FL

“My friends are amazed that I had both of my hips replaced within 3 months, and in less than 2 months I’m back to my daily routine including volunteering regularly. I’m really blessed, fortunate, and so glad I found Dr. Ameglio.”

–Helen Haver, Fort Myers, FL

“I had bilateral SuperPATH hip replacement within 2 months. I chose outpatient surgery the second time, was home within hours of surgery, and actually went into my office the following day. Dr. Ameglio is very calming & even keel and put me at ease.”

–Scott Botyos, Fort Myers, FL

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Helen’s SuperPATH Story

Scott’s SuperPATH Story

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