Experiencing Lower Back Pain? You’re not alone.

From small annoyances to major inconveniences, most people will experience back pain on some level throughout their lifetime. In fact, lower back pain is second most common reasons Americans visit the doctor.

The back is very complex which makes it especially susceptible to injury. The most common causes of lower back pain are:

Straining of the ligaments or muscles​

Repeated or sudden awkward movements, especially during lifting, can overexert soft tissue in the back. Sometimes the cause is obvious such as a slip-and-fall or lifting a heavy object, but sometimes the strain is caused from years of poor posture.

SI Joint Dysfunction

This is an often overlooked source of back pain. However, SI joint dysfunction affects about a quarter of people with low back pain. Ameglio Orthopedics offers advanced treatments that can provide lasting relief from SI joint pain.

Child Birth

There are several factors correlated with child birth that can cause or aggravate lower back pain in women. The most obvious of which is the strain caused by the added weight while carrying the child. However, it’s also possible that the act of child delivery can cause damage to the mother’s pelvis or tailbone.


It doesn’t only cause pain in the feet and hands – arthritis can cause stiffness and pain in the spine as well. The human vertebrae are susceptible to inflammation or degeneration just like other joints in the human body. Lifestyle changes and/or medical procedures are available to relive back pain associated with arthritis.

Herniated Disc

Also known as a disk prolapse or a slipped disk, this is a common condition caused when the cushioning between vertebrae protrude through the outer casing. This condition is commonly caused by overuse or lack of physical conditioning and is often characterized by numbness or radiating pain in the limbs. 

Are you experiencing lower back pain?

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