Seeking Help for Hip Pain

When Bob Zekanoski began experiencing pain in his hip that would not go away, he knew he needed to seek medical help. Despite having an active lifestyle, the pain increased to a point where he didn’t even enjoy walking anymore.

After trying physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications, Bob was still in pain and decided it was time to consider hip replacement surgery. After doing some research, he discovered the SuperPATH® hip replacement and found there was a surgeon in the area who was proficient in the technique: Dr. Peter Ameglio.

Faster Recovery with Superior Hip Surgery

Dr. Ameglio is only 1 of 6 surgeons trained in the State of Florida to perform the SuperPATH® technique, and is the only surgeon implementing it in Southwest Florida. Unlike traditional hip replacement surgery, SuperPATH® doesn’t require hip dislocation, which allows for patients to recover more quickly.

This was the answer Bob was looking for. Not only was he concerned about missing work, he did not have the support needed for an extended recovery at home. Thanks to the SuperPATH® technique, Bob was able to start physical therapy immediately after surgery and only needed to use a walker for nine days. After two weeks, he was even able to ride his stationary bike again.