Pinpointing Your Pain

Determining the cause of your hip pain can be quite the mystery; one which Dr. Peter Ameglio is determined to solve at Ameglio Orthopedics. When you have gone through multiple treatments and are facing surgery, you’ll need to be sure that the procedure will actually resolve the pain.

Even though some patients undergo successful hip replacement surgery, they may still experience pain. Dr. Ameglio has discovered that the sacroiliac joint (SI) can be the cause of this pain for many patients.

Sacroiliac Joint Inflammation

The SI joint is located where the lower spine and pelvis connect, and can mimic symptoms of hip arthritis. Supporting the entire spine, the SI joint functions as a shock absorber for the sacrum and pelvis – but as we age, it can become stiff and less ambulatory.

If you are experiencing lower back and hip pain, but still have a great range of motion, you may be a good candidate for an SI issue. Surgery is not always the answer, as Dr. Ameglio views it as a last resort. At Ameglio Orthopedics, there are many treatment options available to help keep you out of the operating room.